Thursday, March 3, 2011

Last E-Mail 2-28-11

Dear family

So it is finally over ahhhhh hahaha! I’m so excited lol yet sad ha-ha but more excited. Thanks so much for the money I want to go eat some tacos cuz I am going to miss them ha-ha. So this week was good we have 5 people to baptize this Sunday so that will be good I will leave baptizing 5 and I’ll tell you all about them on Monday when I SEE YOU again.

I’m scared to come home because I speak half Spanish half English it is all just a jumbled mess in my head. I tried to pray in English hahahahahah ya not good! I’m probably just going to keep praying in Spanish lol. Mom on Friday just make sure you put in 150 dollars I’m not even going to take it out I don’t think but just in case there is an emergence while I’m traveling I’ll have it to be able to take it out ok. Wow mom it’s like finally really hitting me that I’m coming home. It has not hit me really hard till today. I’m coming home!

I just got dads letter and I guess he is right, I shouldn’t be scared but Mom and Dad I want to tell you guys thanks, thank you for pushing us to go on missions because this has changed my life. I have found my testimony, I have grown in so many ways, I have learned the gospel and love to share it with other people. I can honestly say I have my own testimony and that I know this is Gods church and I’m just so grateful my Heavenly Father and my earthly parents gave me the chance to be a representative of my Savior for 2 years and that I was able to help people realize the love of God for them. Thank you guys for all you have done for me.

I don’t have much else to say I’m going to go right now and see some people I baptized so I’m not writing to much but I love you all so much and am so excited to see you all in a week! Love you all see you on Monday!!!

Elder Fackler

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  1. congratulations on the soon-to-return elder fackler!
    did you think this day would ever come?
    it's so weird to think drew has been home for 11 months now - and married for two months.
    what a difference a year makes!
    have a great time with the homecoming!